Questar Standard 3.5

Questar 7

The Questar Seven has the same optical perfection and Maksutov design as its little companion the Questar 3.5 telescope. Both are of the same superb quality, but the Questar Seven has twice the resolving power, four times the light grasp and two times the effective focal length of the Questar 3.5. The Seven is a powerful instrument for both astronomical and terrestrial observing and photography, and in modified form is used extensively in many special and industrial applications. Like its famous companion it delivers resolution of planetary and lunar details to its theoretical limit, and photographs lunar, planetary and deep sky objects normally beyond the capability of a telescope of its size. Like the Questar 3.5, the Seven is photo visual, with the same built - in controls, such as finder system, axial photographic port and power changes by just flipping a lever. It has a centrally supported mirror with linear precision bearings and internal focusing which permits the freedom of a movable focal plane for the best use of visual and photographic accessories with virtually no image shifting typical of other telescopes on the market. The Questar Seven will bring observatory level performance to you in a portable package that can be set up in just a few minutes.

Classic 7 has the standard barrel and control box configuration.

Astro 7 has a 2" mirror diagonal and no control box.

Questar 7 Astro
Questar 7 Classic

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