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Birds of a Feather

At the 19 th Annual World Series of Birding event held by the New Jersey Audubon Society at the Cape May Bird Observatory, our team the "Questar Roadrunners" finished an awesome fourth out of 68 teams. Identifying 204 species of birds during the 24 hour marathon birding identification, the Roadrunners scouted the entire state of New Jersey using the Questar Birder. Team captain, Jeff Payne, joined by his wife Retta and team members Alan Peterson and Neal Cantell, (who flew in from Ohio as designated driver), exemplify "what an experienced eye can see with the incredible resolution and performance of the Questar Birder".

The Roadrunners, by occupation, are Veterinarians. They close their clinic for a week to scout the variety of birds that can be sited in New Jersey and especially in Cape May during migration. Not from the area, the Roadrunners utilized their skill and determination to maintain their standing with competitors Zeiss, Swarovsky, Nikon, and Swift.

The sport and art of bird watching is channeled into raising money for nature conservancy. Funds are provided by Sponsors to aid in this event, and 2002 was a record year. Amassing over $600,000 to help preserve our nations habitats for wildlife, it is fulfilling and rewarding to see people from all over the country, ages 10 to 90, work cooperatively and competitively to preserve one of nature's precious gifts.